Moscow, Helikon-opera
The opera The Magic Flute is one of the most popular in the world. The number of current and past productions is so huge that working with the material can be considered a serious creative challenge. The fantastic plot leaves a wide scope for interpretation, so we were looking for a suitable set design for a long time. The image of the amusement park, which is a mirage, appeared in a dialogue with the director of the play. The vector set by Ilya Ilyin indicated the importance of separating the male and female worlds. The background for the unfolding confrontation and subsequent reconciliation was the images of attractions known to everyone since childhood: a terrible snake chasing Prince Tamino turns out to be a train on a roller coaster, a giant glass of popcorn is the throne of the Queen of the Night, a large-scale rotating carousel is the Temple of Wisdom, the cycle of heroes and storylines . The production comes in 2 versions: for children and for adults, and it is exciting to observe how a slight shift in emphasis allows you to turn an airy fairy tale for children into an adult performance filled with fatal passions.

Planet 9 ©

Stage design: Sergey Kuznetsov, Agniya Sterligova,
Viktoria Kosareva