Agniya Sterligova
founder, CEO
Alexander Karmaev
managing partner

CEO and founder of Planet9, Agniya has over 10 years of experience in design in the field of culture in Russia and abroad. Agniya’s portfolio includes more than 100 works of various scales: museums, temporary exhibitions, scenography in the theater, art installations.

In 2006, Agniya graduated with honors from the Moscow Architectural Institute and became a winner of the competition for The gold medal.
In 2008, she completed an Audio Visual Arts course at the IUAV Institute of Venice.
She has worked in Italy for the architectural studio TA Architettura in Venice, specializing in renovation projects of historic buildings. She has also worked as a leading architect in the largest Russian architectural studio SPEECH.

Thanks to the combination of classical architectural education and the experience at the Faculty of Audio Visual Arts, as well as several years of working as an architect in large studios in Russia and Italy, Agniya formulated her interests to concentrate specifically on working with projects in the field of culture.

In 2015 she founded a studio Planet9, focused on work with leading cultural institutions in Russia and Europe.

Agniya is an expert in museum and exhibition design and a winner of Russian and international competitions. She participates in international conferences and educational projects.