Moscow, Manege Central Exhibition Hall
January 15, 2022 - April 15, 2022
This biopic exhibition is dedicated to a significant date: on June 21, 2022 Viktor Tsoi would have turned 60 years old. Unique in its kind, the exposition is dedicated to the phenomenon of Tsoi and demonstrates his versatile talents.

Without exaggeration, Viktor Tsoi can be called the hero of our time, and we have long dreamed of making a project about him. This is the first such large-scale exhibition dedicated to the leader of the band KINO: 2,650 square metres, 11 halls, more than 300 exhibits.

The exposition presents drawings and paintings by Viktor, both his student works and canvases of the late period, as well as a large number of personal items: guitars, drafts, letters, Polaroid photographs, stage costumes, various crafts, household items, documents, plane tickets and so on.

«Audio library»
«The Needle»
«The discovery of America»
«Soviet tour»
«Сitadel of death»
«Life after life»