VDNKH Urban Phenomenon.
Venice, XVI International Architecture Biennale, Russian pavilion.
May 28, 2016 - November 27, 2016
The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy is the largest recreational museum complex in the world, an architectural phenomenon, an urban colossus, a witness and evidence of the country's modern history.

Five halls of the Russian pavilion contemplate on the past, present and future of the park. The first hall - Intro - immerses visitors in the context of the creation of the park. The second hall - Crypta - gives an opportunity to see the treasures of VDNH, which are decorative elements of the pavilions and the park, made by the best artists and sculptors of the country. The third hall - Immersion - is a panoramic video projection, an audiovisual attraction that allows visitors to stroll through the park today. Hall four - A Researcher's office - is a library with materials for individual detailed acquaintance with the topic. Hall five - Future - is the total of open questions about many possible directions for the development of the park, inviting visitors and a professional community to a dialogue.

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Authors: Sergey Kuznetsov, Agniya Sterligova