Punk Culture. Korol i Shut

Saint-Petersburg, Sevcable Port
November 03, 2023 - February 29, 2024
The first season of the blockbuster exhibition "Korol i Shut" had a huge success in Moscow. Exhibition attracted more than 110,000 visitors.

The eagerly anticipated project's continuation took place in St. Petersburg, where it was augmented by the materials about the birth and growth of this subculture in the "Northern Capital" and by memorabilia belonging to Mikhail Gorshenev, including items donated by the musician's family and personal effects.

Only four of the exhibition's sixteen halls retain the first season's content, negating any repetition of the Moscow concept.
The exhibition features many video chronicles and materials about iconic punk rock music, St. Petersburg's cult club Tamtam, as well as works by artists such as Egor Letov and Sergei Pakhomov. Andrei Knyazev served as co-curator of the project.

The project's creators provide guests with a punk canteen—a culinary extension of the exhibition—for the first time in St. Petersburg.

Authors and general producers: Alexander Karmaev, Agniya Sterligova
Producers: Olga Filipuk, Enrico Mazavrishvili, Edita Bleich, Anna Sovetnikova
Curatorial team: Vasily Uspensky, Daria Ivankova, Boris Barabanov, Misha Baster, Igor “Punker” Gudkov.
Korol i Shut Hall, Curators: Andrey Knyazev, Agata Nigrovskaya, Project Consultants, Natalia Chumakova, Daria Selianova, Tatiana Dolmatovskaya, Lunapark (King and Shute series), Dmitry Nelidov, Alexandra Remizova
Architecture and scenography: Agnia Sterligova, Evgeny Zimin, Elizaveta Chernikova, Victoria Kosareva, Anna Chulkova
Graphic design: Kuzma Grigoriev
Organizational support: Georgy Kutelia,
Irina Vereskun, Ekaterina Bogdanova, Anastasia Lapina, Tatiana Kurikhina, Alisa Adamova, Anastasia Antipina, Vera Chumakova, Natalia Gurina, Yulia Shilova, Maria Parekhina, Ekaterina Fedotova.
Multimedia solutions: Sergey Ogirya, Sergey Sinitsyn, Vyacheslav Pavlovich
Lighting design: THE VIEW, Valeria Gorelova, Ludmila Kadeikina
Marketing and Communications: Inna Estrina, Ksenia Marennikova
Exhibition development: Stage Solutions
Photo: Vasilii Bulanov