Moscow. The real

Moscow, The Shchusev State Museum of Architecture,
June 30, 2022 - September 04, 2022
The Shchusev State Museum of Architecture represents an exhibition of photographs of modern architecture “Moscow. The Real”, which captures the changes that have occurred with the capital of Russia over the past 10 years.
The works of photographers are presented in large formats. The design of the exhibition formed in the sculptural and graphic way, which, on the one hand, reflects the striving of architecture for maximum visual expressiveness; on the other hand, serves as the best background for bold architectural and photographic experiments.

Planet 9 ©

Curator: Elizaveta Likhacheva
Co-curator: Mark Akopyan
Authors: Agniya Sterligova, Daria Krotkova, Elizaveta Chernikova
Production: Olga Zarkova, Alexander Zarkov
Lighting design: Nikolay Vorobiev
Graphic design: Alena Lebedeva
Photo: Vasilii Bulanov