Milan; Installation; LIVING LINE
The topic of INTERNI 2015 Energy for Creativity (an echo of the Expo Milano topic of the same year 2015 Energy for Living) has an unlimited number of interpretations. The object we created is an attempt to synthesise the sum of associations on a given topic.

The mirror facets of the installation almost completely dissolve into the context. The surrounding reality, combined with the personal view of the observer, becomes the materials from which the sculpture was made. Moving, the visitor interacts with the object. Any change in the viewing angle entails an immediate transformation of the observed reality. The vibrating elusive core becomes the embodiment of the concept of perpetual motion, implemented through the use of optical illusions. Movement generates movement. The non-stop visual attraction leaves the visitor space for self-reflection and interpretation of meanings.

Planet 9 ©

Authors: Sergey Choban, Sergey Kuznetsov, Agniya Sterligova