KikoRiki. The Art of Being Round

Moscow, Khlebzavod
July 08 2023 - September 25 2023
A large-scale exhibition was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the animation project KikoRiki.

The exposition is based on thematic spaces dedicated to the main characters, their philosophy, character traits and mission in the project. Each KikoRik is not only a hero of the animation series, but also an archetypal image that has existed in the world culture for centuries.

Visitors can touch the world of KikoRiki with the help of various tools of knowledge: from augmented reality to rare sketches made by the hands of the authors of the series; from classic and recognizable objects of the Romashka Valley to the works of modern artists who have reinterpreted the universe of round heroes.

Original authors: Ilya Popov, Yulia Nikolaeva
Producers: Yulia Nikolaeva, Alexander Karmaev
Creative Producer: Agniya Sterligova
Producers: Evdokia Sanko, Tatiana Pavlova
Curators: Vasily Uspensky, Nadezhda Egereva
Author: Nadezhda Egereva
Organizational support: Maria Parekhina, Artem Antonyan
Site Manager: Marina Shvetsova
Personnel Manager: Ekaterina Fedotova
Graphic design: Stjopan Lyaptsev, Stanislav Arseniev
Landscape designer: Victoria Bazoeva
Props designer: Anna Muksunova
Work with exhibits: Salavat Shaykhinurov
Multimedia solutions: Next Space Ltd, Sergey Ogirya
Content work: Alena Kropacheva, Vasily Uspensky, Salavat Shaykhinurov, Daria Molchanova
Marketing and promotion: Kristina Sivkaeva, Olya Rashchinskaya
Media Contents: Anna Sorokina, PR-agency “Bedush & Marennikova”.
Lighting designer: Nikolay Vorobyev
Construction: Scenic Solutions (PRO Stage), Aerodynamics