Vladimir Musaelyan’s memorial office

Moscow, TASS News Agency headquarters
The memorial office of the legendary photojournalist Vladimir Musaelyan has been opened at the headquarters of the TASS agency on Tverskoy Boulevard. Our bureau acted as a partner in the implementation of the project, where we enjoyed working with every detail of the space, with every exhibit and installation. Despite the small size of the space, we tried to create a rich exposition here. This is a story not only about the life and work of Musaelyan, who passed away in 2020, but also about the history of the news agency, the photo chronicles of which began 95 years ago. And we can even say that this is a story about the whole country which we can see through pictures of a photojournalist, his personal belongings and interior items.

Planet 9 ©

Original author: Sergei Mikhailov, TASS General Director
Project leader: Dmitry Korotkov, TASS Head of Administration
Architects: Agniya Sterligova, Daria Krotkova, Vasilisa Rezikova
Technical director: Anton Safiulin
Photo: Vasily Bulanov