St. Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum, General Staff building
June 7, 2019 - July 7, 2019
The project Artificial Intelligence and the Dialogue of Cultures is unique not only for Russia, but also for the global culture due to the fact that the art created with the help of artificial intelligence has been recognised and accepted quite recently. The issues and topics raised by the curators of the exhibition go beyond the boundaries of traditional artistic practices: each of the 14 works presented can be interpreted as a portal of transition to different spheres of human existence, put through the "filter" of one or another algorithm. The exhibition brought together works by artists from Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, China, Italy, the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, France and Germany. This is a kind of a map of the world, combining globalization and new technologies with unique local practices.

All 14 works are bright enough in the literal sense of this word, almost all of them include multimedia components (screens, video projections, sound) and require their own space. First of all, we were faced with the task of providing an appropriate background, the neutrality and adaptability of which, at the same time,was not to turn into a lack of character. Secondly, together with the curators of the exposition, we carried out meticulous work to place the works in the space of the enfilade. As a result, being at quite a distance, the works inevitably enter into a visual dialogue with each other. In addition to the purely visual component, this circumstance additionally supports the overall narrative / navigation of the exposition.

Planet 9 ©

Authors: Agniya Sterligova, Lilya Sabirova, Valentina
Gracheva, Ksenia Nam
Graphic design: Consumer Culture
Production: Scena Pro