Milan; Installation
The installation was created for one of the courtyards of the University of Milan and was erected as part of the annual exhibition of art installations by INTERNI magazine. The topic of the exhibition in 2017 was the opposition of the Tangible vs the Intangible.

The installation consisted of two plates 6x12 metres each, intersecting at right angles and dividing the space of the yard into four sectors. Each plate was lined with mirror panels on one side, and LED screens on the other. The combination of video and its reflections created their own narrative in each of the “corners”.

The topic of four video projections was the analysis of the image of a modern metropolis through the artistic "processing" of its structural data (general plan, elevation indicators, architecture of key objects). Four cities – Hong Kong, New York, Moscow and Milan – were decomposed into their component parts and "reassembled" in the form of a fantasy collage, a unique imprint, the city's DNA.

Planet 9 ©

Authors: Sergey Choban, Agniya Sterligova