Heavenly Host. Image and Veneration

Moscow, Moscow Kremlin Museums
March 17, 2023 - August 08, 2023
The large-scale project will unite more than 130 works.

The exposition is divided into two parts. The first part - is the Patriarchal Palace, where the viewers will get acquainted with the history and rites of veneration of the Great Martyrs George, Demetrius of Solunsk, Fyodor Stratilat, blessed princes and Archangel Michael, archistratigus of the Heavenly Host.

There will be placed items from the arsenal of Russian tsars of the XVII century with religious symbols of the Christian and Islamic world, masterpieces of numismatics, stone and wooden sculptures. Among such exhibits is «Yaroslav’s silver coin» (the baptismal name of Yaroslav the Wise was George), one of the six preserved in the world.

The second part of the exposition reveals the theme of appealing to the intercession of the Heavenly Host in court ceremonial and state symbols from the heyday of the Moscow kingdom to the 50s of the XX century.

Curators: Sergey Bryun, Maria Vilkova
Co-curator: Andrey Zalunin
Organizational support: Svetlana Bujlina, Yulia Butovchenko
Architecture and installations: Planet9, Agnia Sterligova, Nadezhda Babenko, Elizaveta Chernikova, Ekaterina Alexandrova