Moscow, TASS News Agency headquarters
The space of the museum fits perfectly into the assembly hall, the space with main news and where important people meet. The TASS Living Room Museum preserves the history of the agency and reminds employees and guests of the importance of their work.

The exhibition is placed in a wall of niches and boxes, where portraits and biographies of agency directors since 1904 are displayed on the upper tier. Biographical facts reflect not only the talents of the leaders, but also important periods in the history of the country.

The central space is given to coloured niches with samples of equipment, thanks to which TASS messages were transmitted. Three types of boxes are built between the niches: for documents, posters and personal belongings of correspondents. The system allows to carefully store and display fragile archival materials. Behind every door lies a part of a great story. On the opposite wall, photographs from the unique TASS archive show the main sights of Moscow.

Planet 9 ©

Authors: Agniya Sterligova, Lilia Sabirova
Photo: Vasily Bulanov