Kazan, “Hermitage-Kazan” Centre
27.04.2017 – 27.09.2017
The exhibition covered the first names of artists and sculptors of the last century, a period of several decades 1900-1920s to be precise, filled with creative search, discoveries and achievements in the field of artistic culture. This was the time when an unprecedented variety of styles developed in art, and M. Vrubel, K. Korovin, M. Larionov and P. Konchalovsky created new stylistic trends that largely determined their era.

The enfilade of 6 exhibition halls of the Hermitage-Kazan centre contained more than 80 works from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan. The exposition was a story about search for beauty in the space of art, a story about aesthetic ideals of the time, about the awakening of the twentieth century, rebellious and diverse.

Planet 9 ©

Authors: Agniya Sterligova, Ekaterina Aleksandrova, Alexander Larin
Graphic design: Denis Dmitrienko
Realization: ISS
Photo: Xenia Nam