Tashkent, Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan
23.11.23 - 22.01.24
The exhibition Alexey Schusev. 150 / Usto me ’mor covers two exhibition halls of the Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan: the first part shows the whole creative path of the master, the second part is devoted to the architect’s work in the Union Republics, including Uzbekistan.

The exposition in the first hall reveals the history of the great architect’s formation. It shows the early independent creations and important orders of the imperial family, work on temple buildings. A special place is taken by the history of the construction of Lenin’s Mausoleum - one of the key and world-famous constructions not only in Shchusev’s creative heritage, but also in the history of Russian architecture of the twentieth century as a whole.

The second part of the exposition is devoted to Alexei Shchusev’s work in the Union republics. This theme has always occupied a special place in the work of the architect, who deeply appreciated national traditions and always tried to preserve and reflect the national flavor in his works. The main character of the second section of the exhibition is the building of the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Tashkent - one of the largest constructions of the architect.

The main visual character of the exhibition was the image of an architectural workshop, which offered the possibility of display not only vertically but also horizontally.

Curators: Natalia Shashkova, Polina Pokladok, Ksenia Smirnova
Coordinators: Polina Sergeeva, Natalia Osipova, Natasha Genieva
Scientific Editor: Yulia Starostenko
Exhibits design: Yuliy Zharkov
Media content: Vladislav Ladygin
Chief Project Architect: Agniya Sterligova
Leading Project Architect: Daria Krotkova, Nadezhda Yegereva
Graphic design: Kuzma Grigoriev, Olga Chakmak
Organizational support: Artem Antonyan, Mona Al-Asaad
Exhibition development: Olga and Alexander Zarkovy
Photo: Komarov Denis